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Editing Services consist of proofreading, copy/content editing and content creation. 1. Clients must be 18+ to request editing services. 2. All appointments will take place in a public setting. 3.  All costs are assessed after submitted project request to ensure clients receive the most precise cost based on their project and their specific needs. Full payment is due at completion of services. Finalized products will be sent via email (when applicable) following the receipt of payment in full. 3a. Hourly work is subject to a contract with alternative payment arrangements (i.e biweekly). Hourly work is logged and reported to clients as evidence of time-worked.  4. No-shows to consultation appointments will be charged a $30 fee . 5. The Writing House will not be held responsible for any outcomes following services rendered by The Writing House. 6. The Writing House will not edit content that discriminates against any person or group based on race, religion, country of origin, sex, class, age, ability, gender, and other aspects of identity. Hate speech or language is not supported by The Writing House. 7. The Writing House has the right to choose not to edit content. 8. The Writing House does not provide graphic or web design services of any kind. 9. "Track changes" will be applied to documents edited by The Writing House, when applicable. 11. Documents will be submitted via email, and returned via email when applicable. 12. Client should contact The Writing House to resolve concerns regarding services. By checking "I agree", you agree and consent to the terms outlined above
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Cash/Credit/Debit accepted. Take note that your invoice may include: Service Fee $50 Hourly rate as opposed to flat rate if requested services are extensive or on-going Consultation Fee (only if scheduled) $25 see Prices and Fees on the "Editing Services Page" please contact directly at for any questions or concerns regarding you charges or payment