Youth Tutoring On-boarding Form and Service Agreement (Parent/Guardian)

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Parent/Guardian Name (s)
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For example, relevant gate codes, calling at the door, parking, etc
For example, any special needs or learning support needs, behavioral needs, pertinent medical needs, special requests, etc. Please write n/a if not applicable
Below is a list of materials that can be helpful to students during our session: -English class assignments and materials that students need to complete and work on -laptop or computer (if possible) -sticky notes -notes from class -writing utensils -notebook/paper All materials are not required but can be helpful if available.
Terms of Agreement: Tutoring Services Addendum *
13. Clients must be 18+ to request tutoring services. Parents or legal guardians must request tutoring services for high school students 14. Must cancel or reschedule appointments at least 48 hours prior. 15. 'No shows' to scheduled appointments will be charged and invoiced a $30 fee. 16. Rate for private tutoring sessions is $100/hr. Payment is due at time of service.
Rate and Payment *
Private Tutoring Rate is $100/session Session time will be logged and reported to clients using the app Timelogger, as evidence of time worked. You will receive an invoice/receipt for each session Payment is due at each session. Cash/Venmo/Cash App, or Credit/Debit accepted.
Thank you for your Support!
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact. p: 734 645 3001 e: