and more


bio, artist statement
project description, exhibition literature
blog or web content
cover letters, professional content, application materials
personal statement, admissions application materials
essay, academic content (proofreading and feedback only)*
anything else you need 

the service

proofreading spelling, punctuation, grammar, typos or cosmetic errors

copy/content editing improving style, format, consistency, clarity and accuracy. adding, re-writing, or creating content if necessary. 

content creation creating original content for a variety of web and print-based platforms. varies based on the project

feedback for academic content proofreading, strength of ideas, clarity, margin comments and notes via google docs

consultations we'll discuss your work in depth and to develop a plan to meet your specific needs

contract/commission work on-going, recurring short or long term work

the rates

Rates vary based on the project, and range from hourly, to flat, to retainer--depending on the scope and scale of the work, taking into account factors such as one time status v. recurring or contract work, and so on. So please reach out!


*Note: I do not write or create academic work--solely proofread and edit. If you would like additional writing support to improve your essay or academic writing please see feedback for academic content above or Tutoring Services