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trust Issues? don't worry, we're not your ex.

We are committed to:

  • Maintaining the integrity of your voice and your work
  • Supporting you in writing and developing the narrative you wish to present 
  • Building a working relationship with you and protecting your work (we'll never share or use your work)
  • Providing the support to meet all of your writing and editing needs

Pricing and Fees:

  • Flat-rate charge-- varies depending on the service and product type. Shop services
  • Hourly Rate* $30/hr--extensive or on-going  services or commissioned work
  • Service Fee--$50 may be added to a service based on level or degree of editing , length and density, and/or  requested turn-around time
  • Consultation fee-- $25/hr only when you schedule one

*Clients will not be charged both a flat-rate and an hourly rate. 


get it right, get it tight 

The Writing House currently offers two types of Editing Services for various types of work: 

Proofreading: spelling, punctuation, grammar, typos or cosmetic errors

  • This means you have a final draft of your work and want it reviewed before submitting or presenting 
  • Work submitted for proofreading will only be reviewed for spelling, punctuation, grammar or cosmetic errors

Copy/Content Editing: improving style, format, consistency and accuracy. Adding, re-writing, or creating content if necessary. 

  • This means you have a draft or some content (or ideas) and need support in writing, completing, and finalizing your work. 

Consultations: We'll discuss your work in depth and to develop a plan to meet your specific needs

  • A consultation can be added to any service (required for packages and custom service options) 

going steady.

Looking to commission The Writing House for recurring or on-going services? Let's Chat.